Resources for Success in Chem 130

How to Succeed in Chem 130

Why the Growth Mindset is the Only Way to Learn

Growth Mindset Quiz

Growing your mind (Khan Academy)


Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

The power of believing you can improve

The Power of Belief

The Art of Visual Notetaking (something different to try to summarize your notes before an exam!)

Welcome to College Resources

Why you shouldn’t be multitasking when you are studying chemistry (or anything else) – recent article from the Guardian newspaper

Re-reading is inefficient. Here are 8 tips for studying smarter from Vox

Life Hacker:  6 Things You Should Know about how your Brain Works

Dr. Bridgette Shannon – An inorganic chemist developing products for 3M (and who worked at L’oreal before that)

An inspiring story of where hard work can get you in chemistry:  From welfare recipient to Ivy League Professor 

Tips and Suggestions from first exam from previous semester

Q Center hours

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