Chem 130

Welcome to Chem 130, Structure and Properties of Inorganic Compounds.  Together we will be exploring what makes inorganic substances so important in the field of chemistry and to related fields such as  geology, biology, medicine, and even art!  Click below for access to course materials.

Chem 130 Syllabus Fall 2017

Course Outline Chem 130

Course Moodle Site

The Orbitron


Lab Handouts

In Class Assignments, Homework, Quizzes, and Exams

Additional Resources for Success in College and Chem 130

Anonymous Classroom feedback form

Flint Water Crisis

Flint Water Crisis Video

Chinese Haze and the Deadly London Fog

What Do Chemists Do Video Series (ACS)

Solar Roadways (and links to other automotive solar innovations!)

Making better batteries

Chemistry against corrosion

Using chemistry to color the world

Interactive Periodic Table (contains uses of elements!)

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